Beer & Wine Training (Included In Tuition Cost)

Yes, as a bartender we need to know how to mix up fabulous cocktails for any patron; however we need to be familiar with beer and wine for those who take appreciation in this type of beverage. The training is divided up into two separate courses.


The Wine Training part of the course will be divided into 4 different lessons including the explorations of wine and how it is made; followed by grape varietals in which will help with wine pairing for certain foods or desserts. Thirdly you will learn and become familiar with the regions at which most wines are produced. Lastly, the serving of wine; people truly appreciate the taste and aroma of wine so in the end we must have the proper knowledge of storage, bottle presentation, opening, and of course last but not least “the pour”.



You will learn the process of how beer is made, aged, and how certain ingredients can make a beer different from others. The lesson will go over different glassware for beer and pairing beer with certain foods.

Distilled Spirits

This lesson will explain distillation process as well as ingredients and regions. After completing this lesson you will be able to depict a liqueur from a cordial.

Mixers, garnishes and glassware

Yes you will learn this in the class room but everyone could use a refresher right? This lesson goes into naming your bar equipment, different glass ware you will serve cocktails in and what garnishments go with what cocktail.

Making Drinks

Will teach you the different mixing techniques for certain cocktails including rocks drinks, shooters, coffee drinks, martinis, and/or frozen drinks.

In the end, after completing the two listed courses, you will gain enormous knowledge that all bar managers are seeking for a bartender to know. You will receive a certification at the end of each course.